Breathe & Heal


Your breath is the only vital function you have full control over; moreover, conscious breath is proven to help ease mental and physical stress. Experience the healing power of your breath via yoga, meditation and energetic bodywork.  A discovery of personal transformation awaits as you are guided on a journey into a state of Present Breath.


Experience A Natural Shift

Your journey begins a new with every breath.


energetic bodywork

Harmonize your complete self through guided breath with energetic bodywork. Remove physical tension and mental stress now.



Quiet the mind. Calm the body. Meditation and yoga to connect with the breath and cultivate a balanced state of being.


lifestyle guidance

Sync with the Nature to hone your inner wisdom. Providing Guidance and Ritual that follows the natural lunar and solar rhythms.


My Story

The name Present Breath was born from a conversation I had when a friend who is deaf asked me to explain meditation. I then told him that meditation is a constant awareness where I always return to the breath.  To meditate or “to be in” the present moment we must be in the present breath. It is then that we can transcend our thinking analytical mind and truly experience here and now.

Hello, my name is Meghan. Welcome to Present Breath. It was during my college years I began my journey into self help techniques and mindfulness. I sought to find an alternative way to manage depression and anxiety rather than take a masking pill.  This led me to discover the centering practices I offer today because first hand they have changed my life. Energetic Bodywork, Yoga, Meditation and Lunar Ritual are all things that to this day I practice and continue learning and sharing.

My current mission is to help others discover their innate healing using the breath combined with these practices. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to guiding you into to a calmer more peaceful state.