Energetic Bodywork

what is energy?

Lets us first understand what energy is. Energy, also known as Qi, Chi or Prana, flows through specific pathways in the body, it’s what keeps us alive! This flow of life energy along these pathways can be described on a sliding scale as being open or closed. To simplify, think about the following two scenarios. One day you may say, “Wow I woke up so energized this morning! I just jumped right out of bed.” But another day you may say, “I am so drained I just could not get out of bed this morning. I hit the snooze button three times!!” These are both accurate ways to describe energy flow in a practical context. On the one side we can have excess energy or be energy deficient.

But why are we energized some days and not others? How do energy patterns develop and what can we do to help our natural energy flow? Throughout our waking life we encounter stress which triggers emotional and physical reactions. These reactions also effect our energy levels on all planes: physical, mental and emotional. When in a state of constant stress theses patterns long term change our natural energy patterns.

how can we balance our energy?

Energy can balance and shift via Breath awareness and Energy Work. Energy Work uses targeted means to identifying and balance areas in the body that harbor an excess or deficiency in energy patterns. Energy work can describe a number of practices including but not limited to Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Thai Massage, Reiki, the Art of Jin Shin even Yoga. All of the above practices can be done on your own or in a group. But sometimes we just need a little nudge to put us in the right direction. This is why I offer Energetic Bodywork.

energetic bodywork

Energetic Bodywork combines techniques from traditional Therapeutic Massage and Thai Massage with The Art of Jin Shin, guided breathwork and mindfulness meditation to lead the body and brain back to a balanced state where healing can occur.  During the session areas that hold emotional and physical tension are addressed and unhealthy mental and physical patterns created by stress are released.  Clients sessions are each unique but they all result in lowered tension and stress and higher levels of energy, clarity and peace.