Lunar Cycle

Mother Nature is my Greatest Guide


communal guidance

Do you feel a natural pull towards the moon? Join a like minded community of conscious women who connect with the moon to experience her grounding emotional wisdom. Learn how to understand and harness the power of the moon and learn ritual for daily practice. With regular practice you will become aware of your emotions so you may more easily make shifts in your life. In addition practice together expands our intentions. Connect with a greater community twice a month to co-create your goals and dreams.


individual Guidance

Are you ready for a Lifestyle shift? Do you feel like there is something missing from your life but you just can’t put your finger on it? Following the natural solar cycle has shifted my life and allowed me to connect with myself internally and externally to a greater sense of Oneness. I offer limited coaching in seasonal arrangements to achieve the benefits you can only get from regular practice. It takes time to become aware of our habits and even more time to adjust and learn new ones. If you would like to connect more with Mother Nature, the natural elements and your breath to expand your inner wisdom please contact me to apply for a coaching position. Learn the rituals to live a more connected life and hone your intuitive skills by following our innate rythms.